Benefits of Learning Meditation from a Spiritual Guide

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj has mastered the inner spiritual journey and can share with you the bliss, peace, and joy within. His unique background in both science and spirituality helps him make the meditation practice simple and clear. As head of Science of Spirituality, he holds programs worldwide where he teaches you how to experience inner spiritual wonders.

You’re invited to attend Sant Rajinder Singh Ji’s public talks, meditation seminars, retreats, and conferences. He is the author of many books, blogs, magazine and newspaper articles, DVDs, and CDs. He regularly appears on TV, radio, Internet broadcasts, and social media.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji can help you:

  • Learn how to meditate to improve health and grow spiritually
  • Enjoy firsthand inner spiritual experiences
  • Be inspired and transform your life
  • Experience inner and outer peace

Want to learn more?

World Cup of Meditation

Just as athletes compete for the World Cup in sports, we can also practice to attain the World Cup of meditation. The World Cup, Olympics, or championships in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, or FIFA makes us marvel at what the human spirit can achieve.

Meditation Tips

We have within us a gateway to peace, joy, and happiness. However, to access these treasures we need to mediate, by sitting in silence and staying focused within to enjoy them.

Meditation Catalyst

The latent spark of spiritual treasures is within you. It awaits a catalyst to ignite it so its brilliant flame can be actualized. The principles of meditation operate like scientific laws that govern our planet. These laws that work in our universe reflect those that govern what lies within.