The Nature of Forgiveness and Compassion

By Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

This talk has been extracted from a speech at the United Nations Millennium World Peace Summit.

Attaining peace is not easy. The hardest is the first step, and that is forgiveness. We must learn to forgive our enemies. We must develop compassion for those who have hurt us. We need to recognize that even our enemies have been victims. We have all been victims of the discord of our ancestors. It is time to put a stop to it. Revenge must be replaced by forgiveness.

The children of the world have seen enough violence. They have lost enough family members. It is time to take a hard look at ourselves. It is time for us to develop the maturity and wisdom to say, “Enough violence. Let us use our energy to build a peaceful world.”

How can we take those steps? How can we cleanse ourselves of anger? I offer a solution that has worked through the ages. Compassion, forgiveness, and peace can be ours through spirituality and meditation.

Meditation is taught as a science that we can practice no matter what our faiths or beliefs. It is a process of closing our eyes, focusing our attention within, and coming in contact with the inner Light of God. As we become absorbed in the inner Light, our soul rises above body-consciousness. We find spiritual realms within. These inner realms are filled with Light, beauty, and happiness.

Meditation is easy, because we do not need any difficult postures. For those who would like to try to meditate for a few minutes, the technique involves sitting in a pose most comfortable, one in which we can sit the longest without moving. Any movement keeps the attention on the body. No part of our body should be touching anyone, since if someone moves, it will disturb the other.

Then we close our eyes very gently, in a relaxed way, as we do when we go to sleep.
Our attention should be fully alert. We should not put any strain on our eyes or try to look up. Our eyes should be focused into the field of darkness about eight to ten inches in front of us on the horizontal plane. With closed eyes we should gaze into the middle of whatever is in front of us. That which sees the darkness is the spiritual eye. We should sit lovingly and calmly to see what comes up. It is as if we were watching a movie screen and waiting to see what appears on it.

Let us concentrate on our spiritual nature. Let us contact the Light and Sound of God within. As we experience the inner bliss of God, let us convert that into compassion and forgiveness for those who hurt us, and let us build harmonious relationships. In this way, we will be building a safe world for our children, posterity, and ourselves.

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