April 24, 2018

Malcolm X College Hosts Spiritual Leaders Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj for Meditation Program

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, head of Science of Spirituality, spoke at Malcolm X College on the West Side of Chicago on April 21 and 22. Prior to the event, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji was presented with a welcome tribute from Mayor Rahm Emanuel which said: “I commend your continued commitment to creating love and unity and your work in bringing people together to overcome the challenges we all face.”

Dais Benefits to Meditation Seminar

At the Saturday program, Dr. Terry Mason (above), chief operating officer of the Cook County Department of Public Health, introduced Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. Attending the program was the interim President of Malcolm X, Dave Sanders, who along with Dr. Mason, met with Sant Rajinder Singh Ji where they discussed the value of meditation as being an important part of our education and medical systems.

The spiritual Master’s message

Addressing an overflow audience each day, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji spoke about the many causes of stress and strife in our lives today. He said when we are in turmoil within, how then can we expect to find peace without. We cannot change our environment; we must change our angle of vision.

Our true nature is soul, a part of God, and it is this Power that enlivens the body. Awakening to the truth that we are not distinct from God, we become conscious of the silken bonds of love that connect us all. This is the state of consciousness we achieve through meditation.

Commenting on Earth Day, he said it is incumbent upon us to be responsible custodians of the earth, to ensure we use its resources wisely, and maintain ecological balance so that we may leave it for future generations.

After each talk, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji introduced the technique of meditation on the inner Light and Sound of God, after which everyone sat in meditation. Both days’ talks were simultaneously translated into Spanish.

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