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Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

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Enhancing Our Spiritual Capacity During Difficult Times

Spiritual Master

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

Find Inner Strength

Building Our Spiritual Capacity During Difficult Times

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The best gift we can give to the Lord is to just come to God out of love for God.

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Spiritual Quote
A Whole New World
In this video, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji explains that if we collect our attention at the seat of the soul, at the inner eye, a new world opens up to us.
Find Your Calm Center
"If we let ourselves become affected by everything that comes our way in life, we will feel as if we are on a perpetual roller coaster." In this article (click image) Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj offers guidance on how we can best center ourselves.
Our Divine Unity
Through meditation we find the Divine connectivity among all of us. And that's just one of the many benefits of a regular meditation pratice

From Recent Spiritual Talks


Live and Let Live: A Discourse for Earth Day

In the lead up to Earth Day, celebrated on April 22nd each year, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of our responsibility, as custodians of the earth’s resources, to preserve the ecology of our planet for future generations. God has given us everything we need to survive. We have been given air to breathe, water to quench our thirst, fruits, vegetables, and grains to nourish our bodies, and the sun’s rays to keep us warm. And yet, despite all these blessings, humanity has taken more from the earth than we have given back, so much so that we are exhausting the earth’s resources.

In the last century, in the name of development, humanity has over-utilized the earth’s resources. We have cut down trees to clear land for concrete buildings and roads; we have taken the lives of animals, birds, and fish to feed ourselves; and we have polluted the earth’s atmosphere and water bodies, endangering the lives of many creatures with whom we share this earth.

We need to learn to live and let live. On Earth Day, we need to pause and reflect on how we are treating the earth and what we are doing with the resources we have been blessed with. We must learn to use only what we need and share the remainder of our blessings with others in an attitude of service so we can help alleviate their burdens. We need to see the connectedness of all life forms and understand how the destruction of one species can impact the earth’s ecological balance, causing far-reaching repercussions.

We need to lead our lives in such a way that we understand the true purpose of God’s creation, that we understand who we are and our relationship with God, with the earth, and with our fellow beings. To discover the answers to these questions, we meditate. As we connect with God’s love and Light, we awaken to our connectedness, and we begin to live in harmony with all of God’s creation.


Keys to Success on the Journey to Inner Space

In the early hours of February 19, NASA’s rover Perseverance landed on Mars—Earth’s neighboring planet. Drawing from this remarkable achievement in humanity’s exploration of outer space, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj expounded on the keys to success in our exploration of inner space. He said that first, as with any endeavor, we need to know what our goal is. Our goal on the spiritual path is to realize our true selves as souls and then achieve the merger of our soul in God.

Second, we need to leverage the knowledge that is already available to us. In the spiritual arena, this knowledge resides in the teachings of the saints and spiritual Masters who have come throughout all ages to share how they experienced God. They all sat in silence and withdrew their attention from the chatter of the world to focus on God within. This technique, which we call meditation, has been proven to lead the seeker back to God, and we too should use it to reach our goal.

Third, we need to have a deep-seated desire and ruling passion to reach our spiritual goal. Fourth, we must learn to concentrate and focus on what is needed to achieve the goal. Fifth, we need to be persistent and keep going, unabated, in the face of failure and disappointment. We should work at our technique in meditation, sitting day after day, until we perfect it. It is our birthright to know God, said the spiritual Master, and each one of us can experience God if we are focused in the right direction.

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Science of Spirituality

Science of Spirituality is a worldwide, non-profit organization dedicated to transforming lives through meditation.

Headquartered in Lisle, Illinois, it is run under the guidance of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, a world-renowned spiritual Master.

Science of Spirituality presents spirituality as a science that can be practiced by people of all backgrounds and from all walks of life.

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