Awaken to Your True Essence through Meditation

June 13, 2021

Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji spoke of the spiritual aspect of our being and the importance of experiencing our soul while we are in this human body. Throughout the day, we are involved in various activities, all of which keep us focused in the physical world. Living at the level of our senses, we seek happiness at the physical, mental, and emotional levels because this is all we know. However, there is more to who we are, and this truth becomes apparent when we witness death. At the time of death, the body remains unchanged, yet the person is gone. The powerhouse behind the body is gone. The power that enlivens the body is the soul or spirit, which is a part of God.

Saints and mystics come into this world to remind us that our existence is an opportunity to experience the realities of life——that we are soul and we can experience the soul and God while we are physically alive. This happens as we journey into the inner spiritual regions through the process of meditation. In meditation, we connect with the love and light of God and awaken to our spiritual nature. God’s love engulfs us and seeps into every pore of our being, bathing us in happiness and bliss. Gradually, we realize our interconnectedness with all of God’s creation and feel the innate desire to love and serve each other. We experience our closeness to God, and through God, we experience our closeness to all creation. The love we experience in the inner worlds satiates us and leaves us totally fulfilled. Through spiritual fulfillment comes fulfillment at the physical, mental, and emotional levels.