Our Organization

Science of Spirituality is a nonprofit organization, with 2,800 centers worldwide, dedicated to providing a forum where people can learn meditation for its benefits of physical, mental, and emotional health, spiritual growth, finding one’s purpose in life, discovering the inner treasures and enjoying inner spiritual experiences leading to the peace, happiness, and bliss from realizing their soul and their connection to the Divine.

What makes Science of Spirituality special is that people can learn how to meditate from a world renowned spiritual Master—or guide—and author, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, who himself has mastered the inner spiritual journey and wants to share the bliss, joy and happiness within us. He gives help and guidance in meditation so one can experiment and test for one’s self the transformative benefits of meditation for their body, mind, and soul.

He is author of numerous books, articles, and blogs, sharing this practical method of meditation, including his book, Meditation as Medication for the Soul. His programs have been broadcast on television and radio as well as on the Internet.

His work in the field of science, computers, and communication has given him the ability to have a scientific approach to spirituality. He makes the science of spirituality and meditation easy for people to understand and practice for themselves. He holds meditation seminars, gives public lectures, and hosts international conferences, presenting his powerful yet simple meditation to millions throughout the world. His life has been one continuous thread of service to humanity to bring about a world of peace and spiritual upliftment.