The Magic of Spiritual Love

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

July 5, 2020

Leading a spiritual life is leading a life of spiritual love. Spirituality is not a cold, dry subject to be studied and memorized. It is not a rigid meditation in which we cut ourselves off from people in our family and community or life. Rather, spirituality is immersing ourselves into the divine love that is our true nature, into the spiritual love between ourselves and others, and into our loving connection with all life itself.

Sant Rajinder Singh meditationSpirituality is an experience of becoming divine love itself. We can test this out from our own experience. Think of a time in which we were with our loved one—a spouse, parent, beloved, or child. Remember how loving that experience was. Did the world look beautiful to you? When we are with those we love, even places that are not outwardly beautiful become beautiful. When we love someone, even if their outer appearance is not perfect or attractive, they look beautiful to us through the magic of love.

Leading a spiritual life means entering into a state in which we are bathed in divine love all the time. It means coming in contact with God within us. God is love. By contacting God within ourselves through meditation, we are merging ourselves into an ocean of divine love. Since we are in that state of spiritual love, we find beauty in everything around us. The world of divine love is always beautiful.

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