A Land of Love

December 18, 2021
As human beings, we have basic needs for survival. These include food to nourish us, clothing to cover our bodies, a roof over our heads, and security so we are safe from harm. Of all the needs, the most important is our need for love. Every person seeks to love and be loved. Through the various stages of life, from birth to adulthood, we seek the love of parents, siblings, friends, spouses, children, colleagues, and many others. We live our lives looking for love in the outer world. However, at some point, we realize that all the loves of this world are fleeting. They wither away with time or distance or when death separates us. Lost love brings us pain and suffering and leaves us asking: is there a love that is everlasting?
The saints say yes. It is the love that we find when we connect with God. God’s love is peaceful and fills us with lasting joy and happiness. When we experience divine love, we experience our closeness with God and realize God’s presence in our lives. We enter the abode of love where peace and kindness prevail; it is a land filled with Light, beauty, and a love that transforms us. It is the paradise we all seek here on earth. But where can we find such a paradise?
This paradise exists within, said the spiritual Master, as God resides within. The way to experience God is to withdraw our attention from the outside world and focus it on the inner spiritual realms. Through meditation, we can all reach the land of love that we seek.