Air Condition Your Life through Meditation

April 30, 2022

For the first time in 780 days, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj delivered his spiritual discourse today to a live audience at the SOS International Meditation Center in Lisle, Illinois. The spiritual Master welcomed everyone back to the Center and shared his joy to be together again. He spoke of the difficulties that the world has collectively experienced over the past two years and reminded everyone that tough times always pass. There are always good things that eventually come out of any challenging phase of life. Reminding us of how meditation can help us navigate the ups and downs of life, he added that life in the outer world will always be difficult because it is ever-changing and filled with turmoil.

We can experience true joy and peace when we learn to withdraw our attention from the entertainments and distractions of this world and focus it on the peace, tranquility, and harmony within, through meditation. Meditation air conditions our lives such that we become oblivious to the pains and sorrows of the outer world. Until we learn to defocus from this physical world, we will ride the pendulum of life. Through meditation, we can experience true joy. Meditation is a practice, and it is something that we need to keep working on until we become an expert. We need to focus on the basics first, said Sant Rajinder Singh Ji. Find a quiet place, still the body, still the mind, and then fine-tune our practice. Step by step, we will weed out the imperfections and excel in our meditations.