Count Your Blessings and Leave it to God

March 6, 2022

It is human nature to be happy when life goes our way and to complain or be disappointed when it does not meet our expectations. Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of how we can lead our lives to be grateful and focused in the right arena.

Life, for each one of us, has its ups and downs. We can be sure that along with the sunny days, there will be rainy days. Along with brightness, there will be darkness. Along with the roses, there will be thorns. But, he said, if we only focus on the negative and are impacted by the rising and falling tides of life, we will be surrounded by turmoil. When we are in turmoil, finding stillness becomes a challenge, affecting our meditations and spiritual progress.

Saints and spiritual Masters remind us that ups and downs are a part of our existence. They encourage us not to focus on what we might feel is missing or not working out in our lives and instead live by the principle of “sweet is Thy will.” If we learn to focus on our blessings rather than bemoan our circumstances, we are sure to see that the roses outweigh the thorns. In doing so, we develop gratitude for all of life’s blessings and realize that we are limited in our knowledge of what might be good for us. We come to this realization when we experience God’s presence in our lives through meditation.