Dealing with Disappointment: What the Great Saints Teach Us

July 2, 2022

e all have desires, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj said. When we have our heart set on something and do our best to achieve it, we can be left disappointed and disheartened when the desire is not fulfilled. It may be that we do not get the job we wanted, or we do not get admission into the college of our choice. When life fails to meet our expectations, we experience turmoil and pain that take us away from the state of peace and calm needed if we are to fulfill the supreme purpose of our lives—oneness with God.

We need to remind ourselves that God is always guiding and supporting us. If we do not get what we desire, it is because God has something better in store for us. We typically realize this through the gift of hindsight many years later. We need to have faith in God to navigate life’s ups and downs, said the spiritual Master. When we have faith and do our best, leaving the results in God’s hands, we give ourselves the gift of contentment. We can then handle whatever comes our way.