Don’t Forget to Wear Your Smile

October 15, 2022

In his spiritual talk at Kirpal Bagh in Delhi, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj focused on a simple way to help ourselves and bring joy to the world: always wear a smile. Despite the difficulties and challenges that we may be going through, when we smile, it helps bring joy to our environment. It can be the most important part of our attire! Frowning over problems does not solve them and can make them seem worse. Instead, when we face our problems with a smile, it helps us deal with them in a happier manner.

But how can we sincerely smile when life is not going our way? We can smile more easily when we realize and accept that difficulties, pain, and troubles are a part of life. This right understanding comes as we recognize the reality of our existence—that we are not just our physical body, mind, or intellect. This awareness dawns on us as we meditate. Through meditation, we realize our true nature as soul. When we connect with the love and Light of God in meditation, we dip into the perennial fountain of joy and bliss within. As this happens, and as we anchor ourselves in God, worldly problems fade into the background and we can smile through life’s ups and downs. In the process, we inevitably spread love, joy, and happiness to the world around us.