Experience Spiritual Gold through Meditation

September 27, 2020

Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj presided over the 21st Global Meditation in Place. He focused his talk on the priceless treasures we have been given in this lifetime and the role of the saints and spiritual Masters in helping us realize and make use of this bounty.

Our soul has been wandering through Creation for eons, and this human existence is a gracious gift from God, a golden opportunity for our soul to realize itself and to find its way back Home. The human condition, however, is such that we have forgotten the purpose for which we were sent to earth. Instead, we have become enamored with the attractions of this fleeting, physical world.

Engrossed in the material world, we while away our precious time, unaware of the limitless spiritual treasures that await us within. Saints and spiritual Masters come to help us realize the purpose of our human birth. They come to tell us about the treasures of divinity we carry within.

By teaching us the technique of meditation, they help us experience the divine treasures that are hidden within us. As we connect with the divine Light in meditation, we are imbued in God’s love, and a transformation happens within us. We begin to lead the life we were meant to lead; we grow in love for God and our fellow beings. It is then that heaven comes down on earth, and we make steady strides toward achieving life’s supreme purpose, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said. It all begins with meditation.