Focus on the Prize

April 17, 2022

Today, in his spiritual discourse on Easter Sunday, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of the greatest prize we should all be after—the union of our soul with God. Just as young children hunt for Easter eggs with a zeal and passion that ignores and defies all distractions in their path, we must keep our eyes on the prize when it comes to our spiritual journey.

Our soul has been separated from its Source, God, for eons, and this life has been given to us to remember our spiritual essence and help our soul find its way back to God. For this, we first need to know our goal. Then, we need to be steadfast in our efforts to reach our goal by remaining focused and not allowing any distractions to deter us from our path. We need to establish a daily practice of meditation and perfect our meditation technique so that we can connect with the love and Light that await us within.