Love Begets Love

November 7, 2020

In his web broadcast today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of how the spiritual path is one of love and service.

We all want a life of peace, joy, and happiness, with no sorrow or pain, he said. However, we inevitably experience challenges that impact either us or our loved ones, and that bring turmoil into our lives. What then should we do to attain a state of calm and peace? When we look at the lives of the great saints and mystics, we are reminded that love knows service and sacrifice. Love knows only to give, give, and give. When we give out of love to help and serve others, a wellspring of joy arises within us, and this brings peace and calm.

We should strive to serve all our fellow beings, the spiritual Master said. This automatically happens in our lives when we realize that we are all connected through the silken thread of God’s love. This realization dawns on us as we awaken to the reality of life: that our true nature is soul, that the Light of God shining within us is also within everyone else, and that the purpose of this life is to find our way back to God’s Abode of love. Then, with love as the goal, we lead our lives in service, giving of ourselves selflessly to alleviate the burdens of others. In doing so, peace, calm, and happiness reign in our lives. It all begins as we journey within through meditation.