Love God. Find God.

September 12, 2020

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj’s web broadcast today, kicked off a three-day online program marking the 99th birth anniversary of Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj (1921-1989). The program commenced with Mata Rita Ji singing a hymn from the scriptures, which spoke of the soul’s love for God and the critical role of the saints on the spiritual journey.

Expounding on the verses of the hymn, the spiritual Master said that everything in this life comes to an end. Even our breaths will someday cease. God, however, is eternal, and our most important task in this human existence is to develop a sincere and deep love for God. It is then that we succeed in fulfilling life’s highest purpose.

To develop love for God, we must seek the refuge of the saints who help ignite love in our hearts for God. They teach us the technique of meditation and give us the blueprint that is needed to become a true human being and to progress on the path back to God. Under their guidance, we awaken to our true nature and learn to tap into the inner treasures that lie hidden within us, so we can grow in love for God.

This life is a golden opportunity for us to know God and to find our way back to God, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said. God’s door is always open to us, and it is up to us to be sincere and diligent in our efforts to experience God’s love, to have our attention always focused on God, and to find our way back to God in this lifetime. With this, the spiritual Master placed the online audience in meditation.