Steady Steps Back to the Lord

February 26, 2023

In his web broadcast today at Kirpal Bagh in Delhi, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj said that God’s love surrounds us at every moment. Yet, we don’t experience this love because our attention is focused on the distractions of the outer world. To experience God’s love, we need to withdraw our attention from the world and focus it within through meditation.

God is an ocean of love, and our soul, being a drop of this ocean, is full of love. Millions of books have been written about love, but understanding what divine love is and how it develops is impossible by only reading about it. A spiritual Master teaches a method of meditation that helps us to actually experience God’s love, and he guides us as we awaken to our true essence as soul.

All spiritual approaches emphasize the importance of living a loving, compassionate, nonviolent, and truthful life. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji suggested we take this a step further and aim to actually experience the Divine for ourselves. Gradually, by leading an ethical life and devoting regular time to our spiritual practices, we will take steady steps back to the Lord. We can benefit by attending spiritual programs where other seekers of truth gather, he said. The company of others can motivate and inspire us to spend more time on our meditations. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji prayed that all who want to know God make swift progress in a spirit of oneness and harmony with each other.