The Alchemy of Love

March 20, 2022

As human beings, we take ourselves to be the body and the mind, not recognizing that our true essence is so much more. We believe that we are separate and different from those around us. Driven by the ego, we may lead self-serving lives that bring turmoil to us, and we cannot find peace and stillness. How can we reach a state where peace and love become the cornerstone of our lives?

It begins, said the spiritual Master, when we recognize our existence beyond the level of the physical senses. When, through meditation, we realize ourselves as soul, as a part of God. Connecting with the love and Light of God in meditation, we experience the powerful alchemy of love. We awaken to the reality that we are all one, and this compels us to serve one another with love. We go from being selfish to selfless, from violent to nonviolent, from living a life of duality to one of unity. All hatred disappears as we open our hearts to all.

When the love of God seeps into our being, we become a medium for it and spread its sweet fragrance wherever we may go. God’s love transforms us, and we begin to lead our lives in the way God wishes us to. God created this creation out of love, and it is love that gives meaning to our lives. Through love, we can find our way back to God.