The Beauty of the Inner Worlds

March 19, 2022

Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of the beauty of the inner worlds. The spiritual worlds, he said, are filled with love, Light, joy, and bliss. Unimaginable colors and hues, breathtaking vistas, and sounds more enchanting than any music of the material world await us. As we learn to withdraw our attention from the outer world and focus on the inner spiritual worlds through meditation, we can experience these colors and sounds, which uplift us.

We become immersed in God’s love and Light, experiencing joy and bliss and awakening to the oneness of all God’s creation. The fragrance of God’s love makes everything beautiful, and we begin to look at life with a new angle of vision. We realize God’s presence in our lives and learn to live a life of joy and happiness, knowing that God is always with us and always taking care of us. As we experience the beauty of the inner worlds through meditation, we undergo a personal transformation. The beauty of the inner worlds opens our hearts, and as we become imbued in God’s love, we begin to radiate this love to one and all.