We Are Part of a Greater Whole

October 2, 2022

When we look at the human body, we find that when any part of it is hurt or in pain, the whole body is disrupted. All parts need to work in harmony for the body to function properly. There’s a principle that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We see this principle when we look at the world around us.

The different cycles of nature highlight the importance of interdependence and demonstrate how all Creation was designed to work together in harmony. When we disrupt these cycles through our overuse of the earth’s resources, we inevitably break the laws of nature, leading to disharmony and devastation. When this happens, nature exacts its price, as witnessed by the recent rise in global temperatures felt throughout the world.

Saints and spiritual Masters remind us that we were not created to be alone or to think of ourselves as separate from others. Whether we realize it or not, we are part of a greater whole, and each has a role to play. If we choose to stand separate from others, we choose a life of duality that leads to turmoil and unease. Instead, when we embrace our oneness and celebrate our unity, we take steps toward our own happiness as well as the well-being of the greater whole—all of God’s Creation.

How can we embrace our oneness when we look and feel different from everyone around us? Herein lies the importance of experiencing that which lies beyond the physical, said the spiritual Master. We can have this awareness in meditation as we sit in silence, withdraw our attention from the outer world, and focus on the inner spiritual worlds. As we meditate, we connect with the love and Light of God within. We awaken to our spiritual nature, which is our true essence.

Recognizing our soul as a part of God, we also recognize the same spark of God in others. Gradually, the understanding dawns on us that, at our core, we are all the same; this helps us embrace our oneness. We move from a world of duality to a world of unity. Just as we see our body as one whole, we begin to see all of Creation as one whole moving harmoniously together.

Meditation propels us to do our part to maintain harmony in the world. As we experience God’s love, this love engulfs us, fulfills us, and enthralls us. It beautifies everything around us, and we contribute to the harmonious workings of the world by sharing this love with everyone around us.