Yes, Lasting Peace and Happiness Can Be Found

September 18, 2022

We all want peace in our lives but do not know how or where to find it. We work to procure the necessities of daily life. We exercise and eat right to keep our bodies healthy, and we make efforts to keep our relationships harmonious. Yet, a small downturn in our financial state, a slight pain in the body, or a minor imbalance in our relationships can bring so much turmoil that we struggle to deal with it. We immerse ourselves in activities to secure some temporary happiness, only to be disappointed when things happen contrary to our expectations. Despite doing everything in our power, lasting peace and happiness remain elusive. So, is it possible to find lasting happiness in this world? In his Sunday spiritual discourse, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj focused on this topic.

Everything in this world is changing and, therefore, is temporary. We cannot have lasting happiness by attaching ourselves to that which is temporary. All the wealth, property, and possessions we work so hard to attain in life are left behind and do not go with us when we die. True and lasting joy, peace, and happiness lie within us because God, the Ocean of all bliss, is within us.

This life is a golden opportunity given to us to find our closeness with the Lord and experience the love of God. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said that this divine love gives us lasting peace, joy, and happiness. To enjoy the love of God, we need to invert and connect with the Creator through meditation. When we do so, we experience a transformation in our lives and come face to face with the lasting joy we have been seeking.