Befriend the Mind in Meditation

July 30, 2022

Our mind is focused on the attractions and distractions of the outer world. As such, the mind hinders the soul’s journey back to God. When we meditate, we empower the soul and allow it to awaken to its innate strength. As the soul is empowered and begins its journey back to its Source, it realizes the mind is a barrier on its onward journey. Yet, it cannot fight the mind. Instead, the only way forward is to befriend it. So, the soul enchants the mind with the joys of the inner world and encourages it to also embark on the spiritual journey and experience the treasures that await within.

As this happens, and as the mind enjoys the bliss, joy, and love of the inner realms, it becomes a helpful companion and friend. The more we meditate, the more bliss we enjoy, and the more the mind is calmed. With the soul and mind both focused on the joys of the inner worlds, we enjoy the haven within and can better handle the stresses and strains of our outer life.