Celebrate God’s Gifts

June 19, 2022

Father’s Day is a day to recognize our fathers and all the gifts that we receive from them. Their love, guidance, and support help us understand the ways of this world and give us the tools we need to navigate through life. It is also a day to recognize our Eternal Parent, God, and all of God’s gifts.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj explained that our soul has been separated from God for eons. We have been given the gift of human birth, and it is only as humans that our soul can find its way back to God. Very few experience the second gift of yearning to know God and being led to the company of others who seek the Truth. A third and precious gift comes through a spiritual Master who teaches us the technique of meditation, the process by which our soul can embark on the inner spiritual journey.

Through meditation, our attention is turned away from the distractions of the outer world so we can focus on the Creator’s presence within us. We then recognize that God always guides, protects, and supports us. With God’s love ever-present, we lead our lives joyously. We also experience our oneness with God’s creation and strive to serve others, said the spiritual Master. In so doing, we live our lives as they should be lived—lovingly and selflessly.

Let us begin each day with gratitude to God, asking ourselves how to put these gifts to their best use so we do not waste this golden opportunity. We need to be grateful to God with every breath, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said. There is also another gift to keep in mind, and this is a gift only we can give ourselves. It is the gift of finding time each day to meditate so we can make the most of our human birth.