Develop Humility through Meditation

July 16, 2022

Humility is the recognition that we are all one and the same; that no one is higher or lower than the other. It is the realization that even though the outer parts of our lives may differ in how we look or lead our lives, we are all, in fact, the same. To understand this truth, we need to rise above the consciousness of our physical body.

If we remain at the physical level, we only interact with what we see in the physical world, and as long as we do so, we only see our outer differences. When we rise above the physical senses through meditation, we embark on the inner spiritual journey and realize our true nature as soul, as a part of God, full of the Lord’s love and Light. The realization also sets in that there is a part of God in everyone else. Beyond the façade of our outer differences, we are all the same—souls that have been separated from God. We are all on our way back Home. When this realization dawns on us, we embrace humility in our lives.