Meditate Your Emotional Pain Away 

July 23, 2022

Our emotions are based on our interactions with others, and as our interactions become stressful or strained, we experience emotional pain. When we try to understand the cause of this pain, we realize that pain arises when we think of ourselves as individuals and, therefore, different from everyone else. This difference translates to us wanting to be better than others. In the race to achieve this, we experience jealousy, and when circumstances fail to meet our expectations, we experience pain. The key to dealing with this pain is to develop right understanding of who we are.

We need to recognize our connectedness with each other and our oneness with God’s creation. Through meditation, we awaken to our nature as soul and realize our interconnectedness. When we begin to see each other as an extension of ourselves, we leave a world of duality and embrace a life of unity, where only love flows out from us to others. When we arrive at this state, we find that our emotional pain is washed away.