Patience and Perseverance on the Spiritual Journey

July 10, 2022

In our modern world, communications with those around us have become almost instantaneous, so much so that when we sit down to communicate with God in meditation, we have come to expect that same instantaneous connection. When this does not happen, we give up easily. Communicating with God is not the same as communing with others in this physical world. God comes to us of the Creator’s own accord, and it is for us to wait patiently at God’s door. Patience and perseverance are critical on the spiritual path.

To still the mind easily when we sit to meditate, we need to lead a calm, peaceful, and tranquil life so that there is no turmoil in our lives that will distract us from our meditations. For this, we should strive to have peaceful interactions with others and not let disharmony into our lives. It is in letting go that we can get God.