Thank You, God

March 13, 2022

Human life is a precious gift. It has been given to us by God and is our opportunity to truly know ourselves and find our way back to God, our Source. Only in this human existence do we have all the faculties required to know God. For this reason, human life is known as the roof and crown of all creation. Travelers on the path Godward know that leading an ethical life can help us progress on our spiritual journey. Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke about a particular virtue that can help us tremendously as we tread the path back to God.

The virtues of truthfulness, nonviolence, love for all, and selfless service are important in helping us become a good human being. However, if we are to make rapid progress, the virtue of gratitude is essential. We need to learn to lead a life of gratitude in which we are grateful to God for everything that happens in our lives, said the spiritual Master. The pendulum of life oscillates between moments of joy and sorrow, both of which are fleeting. It is for us to learn how to remain grateful through these ups and downs, realizing that everything that happens in all the universes is under God’s will.

Rather than feeling sad and despondent, we need to attune ourselves to God’s will and learn to remain in equipoise through the changing panorama of life. As we grow in gratitude, we become calmer, making it easier to still our body and mind during meditation. Through meditation, we can experience God’s love and Light. Connecting with this Light strengthens our connection with God, and we grow closer and closer to the Creator.