The Grass is Green Where We Are

December 19, 2021

We all think our lives are difficult and that we alone have been singled out to experience one challenge after another. We bemoan the cards we have been dealt and seek to improve our circumstances, often wishing to walk in someone else’s shoes. It is important to realize, said the spiritual Master, that we live in God’s Creation, and as such, everything that happens to us is under God’s Will. God knows our past, our present, and our future, and whatever phase we are passing through is the best state for us. So, how do we reach a state of contentment in our lives?

Contentment comes when we are happy with our current circumstances. For this, we need to believe that we are in the best state we can be in and that our circumstances are transpiring according to God’s sweet Will. To believe God is taking care of us, we need to interact with God. For most of us, this happens through prayer. But how can we know that our prayers are being heard? It is only when we have a direct experience of God that we can know for sure that God is always with us. This direct experience comes as we withdraw attention from the world outside and focus it within through meditation.

Embarking on the inner spiritual journey, our soul connects with the love and Light of God. As we experience God’s love, we no longer just believe in God, but our faith in God is strengthened. It is then that we find contentment and fulfillment in our present circumstances, knowing they are happening under God’s Will. Connecting with God’s love makes life beautiful. As we develop an attitude of positivity and live life as it should be lived, we discover that the grass beneath us has been green all along.