Unwrap the Greatest Gift of All: A Holiday Message

December 26, 2021

Tens of thousands from around the world tuned in today for the 86th Global Meditation in Place, the last such broadcast of 2021. The holiday season, said Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, is a season of giving, sharing, caring, and gratitude to God. It is a time of family reunions and gatherings with friends, a time of caring and sharing when we open our hearts to one and all.

During this time, we are reminded that it is in giving that we receive because when we give and bring joy to others, our hearts open and expand, letting in more joy and happiness. As we celebrate this season of gift-giving and gift-receiving, there is one present that we should not lose sight of. It is a present that we have received from God. In fact, it is the greatest gift of all — the gift of our human existence, said the spiritual Master. We have received this human birth so that we can realize our true nature as soul and embark on the spiritual journey to experience the reunion of our soul with God, its Source. We can fulfill this purpose through meditation, the process by which we withdraw our attention from the world outside and focus on the divine treasures that await us within.

As our soul embarks on the spiritual journey, it connects with the love and Light of God. The love of God is the greatest love of all, and communing with this love transforms our lives. It makes us more loving, truthful, compassionate, and caring, and helps us see every living being as part of our extended family. As God’s love seeps into our being, it also begins to ooze out from us, so much so that we become a carrier of God’s love, spreading and sharing it with all in our orbit.

During this holiday season, let us not only focus on the outer gifts of this world. Let us focus on unwrapping the greatest gift we hold in our hands. While we remain in our homes and stay safe during the pandemic, let us spend as much time as we can in meditation so we connect with God’s love and experience the joy and bliss of this connection.