Use Your Time Wisely

March 12, 2022

Living in this world of matter, we focus much of our efforts on amassing treasures of this world: material wealth, name and fame, and financial independence, all of which we believe will bring us happiness. However, there is something much more precious and valuable than any material possession, and that is time—a commodity that cannot be bought, stopped, or caught.

We each have a finite amount of time on earth, a limited lifespan that cannot be extended. With each passing second, we inch closer to our time of departing this world. It behooves us to make the best use of our time here to fulfill the purpose for which we were sent here—to realize ourselves as soul and realize the merger of our soul in God.

Of the 24 hours in a day, we require a certain number to meet the body’s needs. The saints encourage us to introspect and reflect on how we utilize the remainder of our time. If we spend it all in worldly matters, we do not gain in the most important arena—the spiritual arena. We need to prioritize our spiritual goals. We need to put in time and effort to sit in meditation daily to connect with the love and Light of God, which nourishes our soul and helps it advance in the inner regions. When we do so, we can tap into the treasures that lie within.

We are all here to know God. It is simply a question of where we focus our attention and how we use our time. Just as with any other endeavor in life, progress on the spiritual path comes with sincere effort and hard work. When we put in the time, we can be sure to reach our goal.