What Can We Offer God?

November 20, 2022

In his spiritual talk today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of a gift we can offer God. While God needs nothing from us, one characteristic we can embody would make the Creator happy, he said. That characteristic is longing for God.

Longing for God comes when we sincerely desire to be with the Lord; it comes from a love for God. So, how can learn to love God? Love is inherent within our soul, said the spiritual Master. If we can experience our soul, we will experience this love. When we recognize ourselves as soul, we automatically experience longing for God because we become aware of our long separation from God, our Source. To realize ourselves as soul we need to invert our attention from the attractions of the outer world and focus it within through meditation.

The more we connect with the love and Light of God in meditation, the more we grow in our love for God. This connection clarifies our understanding of the reality of our existence. It also strengthens our relationship with God and all of creation. As we experience the Light of God within us, we recognize that the same Light shines within others. It is then that we begin to embrace our oneness and interconnectedness. Growing in love for our fellow beings, we readily extend a helping hand in selfless service to others. If we also analyze our thoughts, words, and deeds daily and weed out our failures, we make steady progress on the path Godward. Through meditation, selfless service, and daily introspection, we grow in love for the Creator, and this strengthens our longing for God.