Have Faith in God’s Plan

May 22, 2022

From time immemorial, saints and spiritual Masters have reminded us that God does not reside in some faraway place that requires arduous pilgrimages. God resides within us and is within reach. Why, then, is it so difficult to find God? In his spiritual discourse today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj explained that when we focus on the outer world, we open ourselves up to all the difficulties, pain, troubles, attractions, and distractions that come with it.

Believing we are the doers and in control of our lives, we take on the responsibility of ensuring life goes according to our plan. This causes worry, stress, and strain and prevents us from stilling the mind. We need to still our mind if we are to embark on the journey within through meditation so that we can experience God. Thus, despite the desire to know God, we remain unsuccessful in our quest.

It is crucial to have faith. When we have faith in God, we know that the Lord takes care of us. We no longer see ourselves as the doers but realize that God the Creator is the Doer, and we accept God’s plan for us. When we live in the Creator’s will, we no longer worry about the past or the future. We go with the flow. Life becomes smoother, with less stress and strain and less turmoil. Our meditations are more fruitful, and we find it easier to achieve the stillness required to go within and experience God’s love and Light for ourselves. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said that the more we meditate, the more our faith is strengthened. When we trust in God to give us what is right for us, our spiritual progress comes in leaps and bounds.