Three Steps to Cleanse the Soul

August 13, 2022

Our interactions and impressions of the world cover our soul in layers of dirt and grime. For the soul to meet God, these layers must be cleansed so the soul can shine in its pristine beauty. Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj explained how we can cleanse ourselves of failings that sully our soul.

The first mechanism to cleanse the soul is meditation. As we meditate, we connect ourselves with the love and Light of God, the Creative Power within each of us. Connection with this Power, which is the Source of all purity, removes the layers that shroud the soul. The more we connect with the Power, the more we are cleansed.

Second, we need to become more loving, truthful, and humble in our ways. As we develop these ethical virtues, we will find that our lives become better, and our failings automatically diminish. We should be watchful of how we lead our lives and track our failings so that we can improve with each passing day.

Third, we must realize the oneness of God’s Creation. When we embrace this oneness and begin to see everyone as an extension of ourselves, we start to give of ourselves selflessly to alleviate the pain and burden of others. As we do so, we also contribute to the cleansing of our soul.

With these three steps, we will find that life becomes more joyful and we cleanse our soul of the layers that keep it from progressing Godward.