Were It Not for the Saints

October 22, 2022

What do saints and spiritual Masters do for us? What is their role in our lives? In his spiritual talk today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj addressed how we could best understand the role of saints. He said that first, we need to understand the human condition. We may think we are only bodies and minds born to fulfill our worldly obligations and enjoy the pleasures of this world. But as humans, there is much more to our life. In reality, our true nature is spirit. We are souls, parts of God that are separated from our Source. Our soul yearns to return Home, yet we have become entangled in the world and lost our way. We do not know that we should take steps to return to our true Home where lasting love, happiness, and bliss await us.

Saints come to remind us of this truth. By teaching us the technique of meditation, they help us embark on the inner spiritual journey to recognize ourselves as spirit and awaken to our soul’s separation from God. A spiritual Master guides us to the realization that this human existence is our soul’s opportunity to find its way back Home. We can then understand our life’s purpose and resolve to fulfill it. The saints take us under their wings and work compassionately to give us the blueprint we need to trace our way back to God.