The Race to God

June 12, 2022

Life has been called a rat race, with people caught up in a competitive routine, day in and day out, in a quest for material wealth and happiness. The saints speak of another race—the race to God that leads to lasting joy and spiritual riches. Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke about the nature of this race and how we can win it.

We have been given this human existence so our soul can find its way back to God, and we are all in a race to get there, said the spiritual Master. The aim of a race is to reach the finish line in the shortest possible time. In the race to God, the finish line is the merger of our soul with God. Yet, it is not a race in which we compete with fellow travelers to be the only winner. Instead, it is a race that each of us will eventually win. For this race, we embark on the inner spiritual journey through meditation to experience God’s love and Light for ourselves.

As in any race in the physical world, a few key requirements are needed for success in the spiritual arena. First, we must be awake, alert, and able to maintain our focus during our meditations. Second, we should practice daily to perfect and fine-tune our technique. Third, we need to hone our mental attitude to win the race. We need to realize what our goal is and believe that we can reach this goal, that it is indeed possible for us to experience God in this lifetime. With this belief comes the zeal and passion required to reach the finish line. Much like blinders in a horse race, this passion keeps us in our lane and focused on the goal despite distractions we may encounter along the way. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said that the race to God requires, above all else, a sincere effort on our part. If we resolve to put in time for meditation daily and work earnestly to win this race we can reach our goal in this lifetime.