What the Spiritual Masters Do for Us

November 20, 2021

Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of the role of the great saints and spiritual Masters who come into this world to lead us back Home to God. We are all souls, he explained, and have been sent here to love and reunite with God. The saints come to show us how to achieve this goal, despite the challenges surrounding us in this physical world.

Difficulties bring darkness upon us and invoke fear as we deal with uncertainty. Yet, through their grace and compassion, the saints offer us refuge. In times of darkness, they remind us of the Light we carry within. They remind us that we are not alone, that God is our constant companion. Through teaching us the technique of meditation, they give us the tools to invert our attention from the difficulties of the outer world to the bliss and joy of the inner spiritual worlds where God resides.

As we experience God’s presence in our lives, fear dissipates. Recognizing that God is all-knowing, we surrender to the sweet will of God. Our prayers then no longer seek to fulfill what we desire for ourselves; rather, we seek only that which God wishes for us. The saints want us to lead a life in which we awaken to our spiritual nature and to the goal before us. They want us to take steps toward fulfilling life’s supreme purpose of God-realization so we can derive the full benefit of having this human body. They are beacons of hope who lead us from darkness to Light.