First, Love God

February 20, 2022

This human existence was given to us for a sacred purpose. At the end of our lives, what will matter is not the material wealth we amassed or the fame we achieved. What will matter is not the problems we resolved or the challenges we overcame. Instead, how did we live our lives? Did we have a positive outlook on life? Did we bring joy and laughter to those around us? Did we give of ourselves to help others and did we share in their pain? Did we help others see goodness in themselves? And most importantly, were we loving?

To lead our lives the way we should, we first need to experience love. All goodness is born out of love, and when we love, then peace, harmony, and joy automatically follow. The truest of all loves resides within us. It is God’s love, the love of the Creator who brought all creation into being. God loves us tremendously, yet we do not experience God’s love because our attention is focused on the attractions and distractions of the outer world. When, through the process of meditation, we withdraw our attention from the world and focus it within, we experience the bliss and joy of God’s love. As we become imbued in this divine, transformative love, we become love ourselves. We realize our connection with all life forms and recognize that everyone is an extension of ourselves. We live to be of service to our fellow beings.

God’s love also makes us godly, and we inculcate ethical virtues in our lives. Truthfulness, nonviolence, compassion, and humility become a part of us. The ego dissipates as we embrace the oneness of God’s creation. When we experience God’s love, we become a medium for this love as it radiates through us to everyone in our orbit. Then, that love comes back to us, as others reciprocate it.

When love becomes the cornerstone of our lives, we have lived our lives as we should, said the spiritual Master. Life becomes peaceful, calm, joyous, and fulfilling, and our progress Godward comes in leaps and bounds.