Help Each Other Along the Way

December 4, 2021

At some point in life’s journey, we may have a yearning to know God. What kind of life must we live so that we can find the Creator? Today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of the virtue of selfless service, a key element of a life that will bring us closer to God. Selfless service, he explained, is to give of ourselves to our fellow beings with the desire to help and with no expectation of reward for ourselves.

There are billions of human beings on this earth, and we each have our own struggles and difficulties. Whether they are physical ailments, financial challenges, or emotional and mental challenges— if by God’s grace, we can help someone through a problem, we should do so, he said. This will help alleviate their burdens, and when offered selflessly, will bring untold benefits on our spiritual journey. It does not matter what kind of help we provide; what is important is that our service is given in a spirit of selflessness to shoulder the burdens of a fellow being. If each of us were to live life in this manner, no child would ever go hungry, no elderly person would experience the pain of loneliness, and the world would be all the better for it.

It is human nature to help those we consider our own, but how can we reach a state where we want to serve all of creation? This happens, said the spiritual Master, when we embark on the inner spiritual journey through meditation and awaken to the oneness of God’s creation. We realize that we are all part of one great big family. With this realization, our hearts open, and we begin to lead our lives seeking to be of service to all. As we give of ourselves to others, we benefit spiritually and experience steady progress on our journey back Home.