Keep Your Eye on the Goal

June 5, 2021

There is much more to this life than we realize, said the spiritual Master. We are given this human birth to know ourselves as soul and to know God, and then realize the merger of our soul in God. God is within us, and we can experience God for ourselves when we embark on the inner spiritual journey. For this, we need to learn the right technique to transcend the outer world and go within.

As we take steps on the long and winding road that leads to God, we will come across many obstacles and barriers along the way. Thoughts and desires arising from the mind will distract and deter us from the goal. As a desire is fulfilled and brings about a fleeting sense of happiness, it may lead us to erroneously believe we have achieved our goal when we are simply approaching a bend in the road. We need to learn to discern the bend from the destination. We should not pause, but keep going in pursuit of our goal, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji said. We must always keep our attention focused on the goal, undeterred by the distractions on the way.

We need to cultivate the habit of daily meditation and perfect each step of the meditation technique. We can then focus our attention within and sit for long periods in the sweet remembrance of God. As we calm the body and still the mind, we embark on the inner journey to experience the love and Light of God. Step by step, as we perfect our technique and keep our attention on the goal, we are certain to fulfill the purpose for which we are all here.