Set Your Gaze on the Eternal

December 19, 2020

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of our true purpose in this life, expounding on how meditation helps us attain this purpose. Living at the level of our senses, we have come to believe that what we see in this world is all there is, and we focus our time on earth amassing material wealth in the hopes that it will bring us lasting joy. All that is of this world is fleeting, said the spiritual Master. It is only when we have exhausted our worldly search that we finally focus our gaze on God to attain the lasting happiness and bliss that we seek.

We are here to know ourselves and to know God, he stated. As we go within through meditation, we embark on the journey into the inner spiritual regions, leading us from the physical to the Divine. To progress in our meditations, we need to put in an effortless effort, wherein just as a sitar produces a melodious sound only when its strings are not too tight and not too loose, our inner gaze is constant but not forced. We sit in a comfortable but alert posture and wait lovingly with a prayer that God will give us what is best for us. When we sit with love and enjoy whatever comes in God’s sweet will, the divine treasures unfold for us.