Live in Love

September 3, 2022

In the routine run of life, we face many challenges that can bring turmoil and anger into our lives, despite our best efforts to curb them. These incidents may occur in our homes or during our interactions with co-workers or others. How can we learn to be happy despite these trials and tribulations? The key to a life of happiness, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj said, is to live our life with love.

When we meet others with a smile and put love into our interactions, we can deal with difficulties or differences more easily. When we remind ourselves that everything in life is fleeting, we do not spend too much time dwelling on negativity or problems others cause. Interacting with everyone with a smile on our faces and love in our hearts creates an atmosphere of harmony and peace around us.

God is love and our soul, our true self, is also love because it is a part of God. When we realize this, we see others as an extension of ourselves and are more tolerant of their actions. For this to happen, we need first to experience God’s love, and we can do this through meditation. Everything we need to live a life of love is within us.