Love One Another

September 12, 2021

In his spiritual discourse today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj reminded us of the purpose for which we have been given this human birth. We are here to love God and to love one another. To love God, we need to experience God, and this happens as we meditate.

When we withdraw our attention from the outer world and focus it within, we embark on the inner spiritual journey to experience God’s love and Light. This divine love permeates every pore of our being and we become immersed in God’s love, so much so that we begin to radiate it to all we meet. As we connect with God’s love, and as we awaken to our own true nature as soul, which is a part of God, we recognize the presence of God in all living creatures.

It is at this stage that we realize our oneness. At the level of the soul, we are all the same. We no longer feel separate from others, and the boundaries that once separated us begin to fade away. Imbued in God’s love, we embrace each other as our own, as members of one great family of God.

Saints and mystics come into this world to remind us of this truth. They teach us the technique of meditation through which we can realize this truth. They offer love as the cornerstone upon which to build our lives and they encourage us to develop ethical virtues so we can become loving and caring beings who help each other along the way, as we take steps toward our goal—the merger of our soul in God.