The Saints Illumine the Path to God

September 25, 2021

Tens of thousands around the world tuned in to Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj’s global online satsang today, during which he reminded us of how the saints and spiritual Masters light our way Godward. As human beings living at the level of our physical senses, we rely on our health, monetary wealth, intellectual acumen, and relationships to bring us the happiness that we incessantly seek. Eventually, as the fleeting nature of life presents itself to us, we are disappointed and engulfed in sorrow and pain. As long as we remain focused on the physical world for our happiness, we will continue to be disappointed. If we are to find lasting joy, we need to focus our attention on that which is permanent and stable, and that is God, he said.

It is through the guidance of the saints and spiritual Masters that we can learn to withdraw our attention from the fleeting attractions of life and focus on the treasures that await us within. Through the process of meditation, we experience ourselves as soul, as conscious beings that are a part of God. We experience God’s love, and this transforms our lives, awakening us to the Light of God in all creatures. Through their exemplary lives, the saints and spiritual Masters illumine the way for us on the path Godward. They offer us a blueprint for how to lead our lives so that we can progress steadily toward the Source from which our soul emanated. When our soul experiences the reality of our existence through meditation, all fear dissipates, and peace becomes a part of our lives. The more we experience our closeness with God, the more beautiful and loving our lives become.