Claiming our True Worth

August 28, 2021

In his spiritual discourse today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of the true value of this human birth and how we can realize it. As we lead our lives, many of us seek to increase the value of our material wealth in the hopes that it will increase our worth. Rarely do we pause to reflect on the value of life itself.

Saints and mystics come to remind us that there is much more to our life on earth. They remind us that this human birth is a golden opportunity given to us by God. It has a supreme purpose—that of knowing our self as a part of God and realizing the reunion of our self with God. It is up to us, said the spiritual Master, how we utilize this opportunity. We can choose to spend it lost in the pursuit of riches of the material world, or we can focus our efforts on attaining the divine treasures, which lead us to God.

Priceless treasures of divinity are within us, waiting to be discovered. We can tap into these riches through our attention, which is the outer expression of the soul. When, through meditation, we withdraw our attention from the world outside and focus it within, we experience God’s love, which bathes us in Light, joy, bliss, and happiness. The experience of God’s love and Light is the true wealth of life. To earn this spiritual wealth, we need to be diligent and regular in our meditations. Only then can we claim our true worth.