Happiness is Within Reach

November 13, 2021

We all want to be happy and live comfortably. Yet, when we look at our lives, we find that we are stuck in a web of worldly affairs, and like quicksand, the harder we try to escape, the more entrapped we become. In the process, life offers us fleeting moments of happiness interspersed among a sea of problems and difficulties that appear to have no end, leading us to wonder: can lasting happiness ever be found in this world?

Saints and spiritual Masters come into this world to remind us that happiness is within our reach. What is needed is to develop a clarity of vision and right understanding about our human existence. We need to understand, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj said, that we are spiritual beings living in a physical body. What makes us truly happy is what makes the spirit happy.

The spirit, or soul, is a part of God and has been separated from God for eons. For as long as we remain engaged in the outer world, the soul remains separated from its Source. It is when we connect with the love and Light of God that our soul experiences joy. It is then that our lives become filled with happiness and joy. Until then, no beauty of the outer world can bring us the happiness we seek.

So, how do we connect with God? We can do so through meditation, the process whereby we withdraw our attention from the distractions of this physical world and focus it on the spiritual worlds that exist within us. As we embark on the spiritual journey, the soul connects with God and is nourished. It experiences lasting happiness and bliss. This happiness is our birthright, and we can claim it as we journey within through meditation. Until then, the treasures of divinity remain concealed from us, and we lead our lives unaware of the true happiness and unending bliss that await us within.