Hold On to God

February 5, 2022

This human existence is a golden opportunity that God has bestowed on us so we can find our way back to God. Yet our plight is such that God resides within us, and we remain unaware of the Creator’s presence. We are trapped in the attractions of the outer world, all of which keep us distracted from our true goal. We may think that we are leading a good and righteous life, but we all have shortcomings. And as we navigate the uncertainties of life, seemingly alone, fear takes hold of us.

The spiritual Master reminded us of God’s unbounded love for us. We have but to experience this love and hold on to it as we go through life. For this, the first step is for us to experience God, and this happens as we learn the technique of meditation and journey into the inner spiritual regions. We then awaken to our true nature and to God’s love and Light.

Contact with this divine Power bathes us in love and joy, transforming us into loving, kind, and compassionate individuals who realize our interconnectedness with all Creation. To lead our lives in the right way, we have to remain constantly focused on our goal, which is God. As we learn to swim in God’s Ocean of love and joy, our lives become joyous and fulfilled. All fear dissipates as we recognize God’s constant presence in our lives.