How to Find Lasting Peace and Happiness

September 4, 2021

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj spoke of the secret to lasting peace and happiness in his web broadcast today. We all want to be happy, content, and worry-free. We continually look for avenues of joy in the activities, relationships, and objects of this world. However, despite our best efforts, turmoil and disappointment are a part of our lives. How should we lead our lives so we experience peace and joy perpetually?

The key is to be desireless. Explaining the nature of desires, the spiritual Master described how when a desire arises in our minds, we focus all our attention and efforts to achieve it. In the process, we either create more difficulty for ourselves or realize that it did not bring the lasting fulfillment we thought it would. When one desire is fulfilled, another one arises, and in this ceaseless cycle of desires and our effort to fulfill them, we waste the golden opportunity of this human birth.

In focusing our time and efforts on attaining the fleeting joys of this world, we lose out on the opportunity to focus on the treasures of the inner worlds, where joy and peace await us. Saints teach us the technique of meditation that allows us to journey into the inner worlds and experience this lasting joy and peace. We experience God’s love and Light within and begin to see the same Light of God in others. Our lives become transformed as we focus our attention within. We find contentment in life. Rather than focus on fulfilling our desires, we begin to live a life of service to others, helping where help is needed so we can alleviate the pain and suffering of our fellow beings and bring joy wherever we go. We learn to give more than we take and experience the instant joys of selflessness. Through meditation, we discover the secret to peace and joy everlasting.