Life is but a Dream

January 29, 2022

The human condition is such that we are living in a dream state. We take this physical world to be our home and all that there is. We take our body—a vehicle made of matter—to be our true identity, not realizing that we are, in reality, spirit, the power that enlivens the body.

Our attention remains focused on the attractions and distractions of the outer world as we invest time into building relationships and amassing material wealth. However, all of this is temporary, fleeting, and ever-changing. We take none of it with us when we depart this world.

Everything in this physical world is made of matter, which in turn is made of particles that are constantly in motion. Just as everything in nature changes from one moment to the next, our lives are continually undergoing change. This change brings with it turmoil and agitation, and inevitably, loss, sorrow, and pain.

Saints and spiritual Masters come to help us awaken from this dream-like state so we can experience peace, calm, and joy. They remind us that this human existence is a brief sojourn in our soul’s long voyage as it journeys back to its Source. For now, it is up to us to make the most of our time here on earth, to love each other, serve each other, be kind and compassionate, and face the ups and downs with calm and equipoise while recognizing the temporary nature of life on earth.

By teaching us the technique of meditation, the saints help us withdraw attention from the fleeting outer world and focus it on the steady permanence of the inner spiritual worlds. Embarking on the inner spiritual journey, we experience ourselves in our true form, awaken to the reality of life, and bathe in the love, Light, and bliss of God that awaits us within.