Succeed in the True Business of Life

August 29, 2021

In his global address today, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj shed light on the true business of life and how we can excel in it. As we look at our lives, we see that we engage in various forms of work to support ourselves and our families. We may either work for, support, or own businesses. Running a business can be a stressful endeavor, and oftentimes, in the struggle to keep a business growing and to increase its bottom line, those in leadership positions lose sleep and peace of mind. They become stressed, unhappy, and discontent and soon realize the irony of the situation: that the business is in fact, running them! In the day-to-day struggle to grow their business, they lose out on a more important transaction—the business of life. So, what is the business of life?

The business of life, said the spiritual Master, is the most important task on which we should all focus. This life was given to us with a supreme purpose. We were given a capital investment of time in this human body so that we could make use of it to first recognize our true essence and to then return to our Source. We were also given all the faculties needed to excel in this business. To succeed in this endeavor, we need the help and guidance of a spiritual adept who can give us a blueprint for leading our lives. Saints and spiritual Masters caution us not to take this life to be all there is. They teach us to awaken to the reality of our existence. Through the meditation technique, they help us withdraw our attention from the world outside and focus it on the spiritual worlds that lie within so that we can realize our soul and take steps to find our way back to God. This is the true business of life.