The Pursuit of Lasting Happiness

January 30, 2022

Everything in this physical world of matter is constantly changing—the environment around us, our bodies, our loved ones, our relationships, possessions, and all else that we hold dear. With this change comes loss, disappointment, pain, and sorrow. At some point in our lives, we awaken to life’s impermanence and realize that focusing our attention on that which is impermanent will not bring us the lasting joy and fulfillment that we seek. It is then that we set out on a quest to understand how best to live our lives.

Saints and mystics teach us how to derive the maximum return on the investment of our precious capital in this life: the limited number of breaths we have been given. Through the technique of meditation, they teach us to withdraw our attention from the temporary outer world and focus it on the permanence of the inner spiritual worlds, where God resides. The more time we spend in meditation, the more we experience God’s love and the more peaceful and calm we become. The happiness and joy we experience in meditation remain with us as we go about our daily activities, and they radiate from us to everyone we meet.